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The thing about the jellyfish


The book follows Suzy Swanson, the protagonist and narrator, who theorizes the death of her friend, Franny Jackson, was caused by a jellyfish sting. Suzy has started the seventh grade. During their sixth grade year, Franny became interested in boys and started to join a more popular social circle than the sometimes awkward Suzy, who had been best friends with Franny starting shortly after they met, when they were both five years old. After the two had a falling out in the sixth grade year, Franny died during the ensuing summer before they had a chance to heal their friendship.

In my opinion this book is so interesting and shows in an excellent way the emotions of the characters.

Along the way, the reader learns many fascinating facts about jellyfish of all kinds, the scientific method, the accomplishments of the long-distance swimmer Diana Nyad. It’s all presented in an age-appropriate manner.

The book explores the heartbreaking subject of grief in the young. She successfully captures the anxieties of middle school through Suzy’s confusion and pain, first at realizing she has become the “weird” kid and then at the death of the girl who was once her best friend.

I believe that the thing about the jellyfish is admirably well written and has a lot of real information about jellyfishes which is very useful for understanding the plot.

The characters are perfectly explained, the cold and introvert girl that fights to understand the death of her friend and the people of her life that fight for a very different reason, they fight to understand the reason why Suzy has changed so they can help her.

The book shows the different reactions of different people to the same situation and how people deal with the death of a friend.

If I had to say something bad about this book i’d say that the plot is so typical and that makes it predictable. I wasn’t very keen on how they left the book. I think this is a very unsuitable ending for a teenagers book.

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